If you cannot come to our office:

Our law office offers charged telephone consultation for those living abroad or far away, and in urgent need of legal consultation. Please call us.



Reception opening hours

Monday to Sunday 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Japan time)

Consultation closing time

Until AM 1:00 (Japan time)

Flow of consultation

  • 1. Reach us by calling the number above.

  •    ↓

  • 2. Select the length of the consultation and pay the consultation charge.

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  • 3. After confirming the payment, our lawyer will call the number you gave us from a withheld number. (Please deactivate any settings that blocks incoming calls from a withheld number.)


Japanese, English

Our request when you contact us:

  • Depending on the subject of the consultation, we may be unable to respond to your request.

  • If there are multiple consultations at the time of your consultation, we may be unable to comply.

  • When entrusting a lawyer, the consulter must visit our office in person.

  • For matters concerning settlement of debts, the consulter must visit our office in person.

  • If not in a hurry and/or would like a free consultation, please inquire your nearest Bar Association or Japan Legal Support Center.

Consultation charge (Advance payment・Single installment・Tax included)

  •   Up to 30 minutes  ¥5,650 JPY

  •   Up to 1 hour  ¥11,300 JPY

  •   Up to 2 hours  ¥22,600 JPY

  •   Up to 3 hours  ¥33,900 JPY

  • Payment method (PayPal)

       For the ones who wish for consultation, we will send our information regarding consultation fees to your designated e-mail address. Please pay with your credit card according to our charge list.

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