If you cannot come to our office:

Our law firm offers charged telephone consultation for those living abroad or far away, and in urgent need of legal consultation. Please call us.


Reception opening hours
Monday to Sunday 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Japan time)

Consultation closing time
Until AM 1:00 (Japan time)

Flow of consultation
1. Reach us by calling the number above.

2. Select the length of the consultation and pay the consultation charge.

3. After confirming the payment, our lawyer will call the number you gave us from a withheld number. (Please deactivate any settings that blocks incoming calls from a withheld number.)

Japanese, English
Our request when you contact us:
・ Depending on the subject of the consultation, we may be unable to respond to your request.
・ If there are multiple consultations at the time of your consultation, we may be unable to comply.
・ When entrusting a lawyer, the consulter must visit our office in person.
・ For matters concerning settlement of debts, the consulter must visit our office in person.
・ If not in a hurry and/or would like a free consultation, please inquire your nearest Bar Association or Japan Legal Support Center.

Consultation charge (Advance payment・Single installment・Tax included)
○ Up to 30 minutes ¥5,650JPY
○ Up to 1 hour   ¥11,300JPY
○ Up to 2 hours  ¥22,600JPY
○ Up to 3 hours  ¥33,900JPY

Payment method (PayPal)
For the ones who wish for consultation, we will send our information regarding consultation fees to your designated e-mail address. Please pay with your credit card according to our charge list.

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