Notification of Marriage for Foreigners Living in Japan

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When a foreigner submits a Notification of Marriage to local city or town office, it is necessary to prepare documents such as “Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage (kon-in youken gubi shoumeisho)”. The “Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage” is a document to prove one’s eligibility to marry. The document is issued at the embassy of one’s nationality.

For example, in case an American national (other than military personnel) who wishes to submit the Notification of Marriage in Japan, the American Embassy will issue an English form of “Certification of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage”. Since this document will be submitted to the local city or town office in Japan, you will need to have the document translated into Japanese. Furthermore, you will require two witnesses.

It is also required to show your passport. Since a foreigner has no family registration, marriage matter will be written on the Residence Card. When you notify your marriage to your embassy, have local city or town office issue the “Certificate of Marriage Acceptance” or “Certificate of Record Acceptance (in case of Britain)” and attach them with other documents.

On the contrary, in case a Japanese national marries with a foreign national in a foreign country, you need to have the family register and translate it into English (depending on the country, some require an Authentication and Apostille, and “Certification of Consulate” in Japan), and submit it together with other documents. Be aware that the documents to submit differ in accordance with each country.

Above procedures concerning marriage differ according to the international treaties (Hague Convention, etc.), also law and system of each country. Since the procedures may change from time to time, you need to check the latest information on the embassy’s website.

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