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A person who has a good understanding and generosity toward cross-culture (differences of laws, societies, family concepts, communication methods, etc.) in particular giving special consideration on foreigners’ over-stay, supporting applicant and related parties in their weak position.

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The list of Status of Residence

Annexed Table1-1

Status of ResidenceActivies authorized to engage inPeriod of stay
DiplomatActivities on the part of constituent members of diplomatic missions or consular offices of foreign governments hosted by the Government of Japan; activities on the part of those who are provided with similar privileges and/or immunities as are given to diplomatic missions in accordance with treaty or international customary praetices; and activities on the part of their family members belonging to the same household.during mission
OfficialActivities on the part of those who engage in official business of foreign government or international organization recognized by the government of Japan; and activities on the part of their family members belonging to the same house hold (excluding the activities described in this table’s “Diplomat” column)during mission
ProfessorActivities for research, direction of research or education at college, equivalent educational lnstitutions or “Kotosenmongakkou”3 years or 1 year
ArtistActivities for the arts that provide income, including music, the fine arts, literature, etc. (excluding the activities described in the “Entertainer” column of Table(2)).3 years or 1 year
Religious ActivitiesMissionary and other religious activities conducted by members of foreign religious organizations.3 years or 1 year
JournalistNews coverage and other journalistic activities conducted on the basis of a contract with foreign journalistic organizations.3 years or 1 year

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